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Thank you for taking the time to visit my web-site, I hope this site explains a little about myself and values.1366230256693minibig

A s a proud Marylander and a descendant of our state’s founding father, I often remember growing up with a keen interest in government and the political process, asking my parents why our ancestors left Great Britain to settle in America.  As my parents would often tell me, it was to seek religious freedom, a freedom many of us take for granted today.  It was custom under English law to raise your family in the Anglican Church, due to England’s compulsory attendance in the established state church.

While Catholics were being prohibited from holding public office, Lord Baltimore had the bold vision to establish an English colony based on the principle of “Religious Tolerance.” Where Catholics and Protestants could serve together in Government. It was the Religious Tolerance Act that later established the separation of Church and State in the U.S. Constitution. That is why I am proud of Maryland’s rich cultural heritage and remain committed to restoring good government back to the state.

Today, we the people are at risk of losing our fundamental right of democratic equality.

Today, we the people are at risk of losing our fundamental right of democratic equality, because of one political party has shut out all voices of dissent. Our democratic values must at all times be protected and preserved, or we risk losing them.  My aim is to restore the fundamental values that our great state was founded upon, and restore a balanced approach to political debates in Annapolis.

While the state government continues to spend more than it generates in revenue, one of our greatest challenges is getting Maryland’s fiscal house in order. My top priority is to balance the budget.  That will prudently keep spending in line with state revenue. If we do not get spending under control, we will be plagued with mountains of debt and unsustainable higher rates of taxation.

You deserve to have a state government that merits your trust, confidence, and pride in Maryland.

The same values and principles that guided my ancestor over 365 years ago are the same values that guide me today. Where everyone is treated fairly and with respect regardless of ones political or religious beliefs.  You deserve to have a state government that merits your trust, confidence and pride back in Maryland.

I would like to thank everyone that supported me during my last campaign for Maryland Senate in District 16.   My plans for the future include traveling to the Baltic States as part of a public diplomacy mission in promotion of Maryland and Estonia Sister Cities program.   I will continue to keep you posted on my travels in Europe.

Kind Regards,
Meyer F. Marks



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